Benjamin is a German-Hungarian film and television director, screenwriter and producer, based in Berlin. With the aim of becoming an animator, Benjamin introduced himself to the Walt Disney Animation Studios at the age of 18, where he received early mentoring in his passion for drawing.
In 2001 Benjamin began studying animation at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, where he focused on dramaturgy and film history. After his BA in animation, he turned to studying film directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin, where he received his diploma in 2010 with the feature film “Harvest“ (Stadt Land Fluss). The film was invited to the 61st Berlinale, won the Teddy Reader’s Award and was shown at numerous international film festivals as well as in German, Polish and French cinemas (Edition Salzgeber).

Parallel to his studies, Benjamin began making documentaries, commissioned by public broadcasters. “The World Belongs to Chaim”, a portrait of an orthodox Jewish Talmud student, won the Axel Springer award for young journalists in 2008. His documentary “The Berlin Patient“ won the media award of the German AIDS Foundation in 2012. Benjamin co-directed the documentary “Because of Who I Am” along with filmmaker, Nils Bökamp, in collaboration with Amnesty International and Schwules* Museum Berlin.

Benjamin helped build an independent queer Jewish community in Berlin and is a fellow of the Salzburg Global LGBT* Forum.

Along with Nils Bökamp and Felix Kriegsheim, Benjamin has co-founded The Thursday Company. Since 2021, Benjamin has been working increasingly with international streamers as director, executive producer and showrunner.