Because Of Who I Am

Because Of Who I Am

Documentary, Arte, rbb
80 min.

How loud, provocative and risk-taking must art be to trigger change?
A restless film about queer artists, performers and visual activists who raise their voices in some of the world’s most homophobic places.


Writers/Directors: Nils Bökamp, Benjamin Cantu
Executive Producers: Nils Bökamp, Benjamin Cantu, Felix Kriegsheim
Commissioned by rbb/Arte, in collaboration with Amnesty International,
Schwules* Museum Berlin, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

AKS Minorities Filmfestival, Pakistan
Salzburg Global LGBT Forum

Synopsis                                                                                                   Because Of Who I Am tells the story of Nils and Benjamin, two filmmakers from Berlin and former lovers, on a journey through a divided world. While half the world is leaping forward, and is even including LGBT rights in their foreign policies, many countries are fighting whenever possible against the very existence of gay women and men. The filmmakers present snapshots of queer realities through an artistic perspective, raising the question to what extent art can be an advocate for change and, ultimately, freedom.