The World Belongs to Chaim

The World Belongs
to Chaim

30 min.


Chaim is 13 and has just passed his bar mitzvah, which makes him a grown up member of the orthodox Jewish community from now on. One of Chaim’s first own decisions is to agree of having us make a portrait film about him. Although filming within a Chassidic environment is a challenge, Chaim and his family invite us to participate in the wonders of a religious every day life. Those little moments, which we later will call the last days of a beautiful childhood.

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Writer/Director: Benjamin Cantu
Producer: Nils Bökamp                                                                                                          Cinematographer: Alexander Gheorghiu
Network: ZDF/3sat

Festivals: Magyar Filmszemle, 2007                                                                                                                                                   Awards:  Axel-Springer prize for young journalists, 2008