The Berlin Patient

The Berlin Patient

Documentary, Arte, rbb
52 min.

Logline                                                                                                The first ever cured HIV patient, Timothy Ray Brown, leads us through this medical documentation, on the quest to find the cure for HIV/AIDS.


Directors: Benjamin Cantu, Mira Thiel
Executive Producer: Nils Bökamp
Commissioned by Arte, rbb

Awards: Medienpreis der Deutschen AIDS-Stiftung

For years, researchers believed that a cure for HIV/AIDS was impossible. But that changed in 2006, when an the American, Timothy Ray Brown, became the first patient in the world to be cured of HIV at the Berlin Charité hospital. This documentary tells the story of his sensational treatment and takes the viewer on a journey through various laboratories across the globe, in quest for finding a cure against one of the most persistent viruses in the world.